Sooo, I’ve had an incredibly busy week and as such I haven’t been the best reader this week.  I do, however have a couple of links which will be relevant in my upcoming posts

1. Vegan Bacon Recipe @ No Meat Athlete I’ve posted this link before but this time it’s going to be relevant because I’m totally soaking the beans and buckwheat to make my very first batch.  I figured the 3 day weekend is the perfect opportunity to try something new.  Also, I’m dying for a BLAT sandwich and I am loathe to actually buy real bacon.  (Mind you, I’m still at the point where I’d likely eat real bacon but if I have a decent substitute… it might be bye bye bye!)

2. The 9 Spots You Must Treat to Stop Chafing @ Just Your Average Joggler With my 7 mile run I encountered chafing for the first time.  This experience will be discussed in a future post.  However, as I scanned the internet for advice on what parts to use the anti-chafing product on, I stumbled across this post and jumped for joy that someone had spelled it out for me.  Thanks!

There you have it!  You can expect a discussion about chafing and vegan bacon this week!  Wait… maybe I shouldn’t have put them in the same sentence…..