It occurred to me as I sat down to write this post that my blog totally shows my current obsessions.

When I wanted to go vegetarian and needed recipes and ideas, the blog was all about food and recipes and… ideas.

When I had first begun my journey and was struggling with identity issues, food issues, and with changing my lifestyle… well… the blog was about all those things.

And now that I’m running my butt off to get ready for the Hot Chocolate 15k, the blog is all about running.

Apparently I am a girl of limited brain capacity… I can only focus on one thing at a time.

I have done other stuffs though!  I also have photos to prove it!

Finally having both red lentils AND yellow split peas to make my favorite soup: Coconut Red Lentil Soup. I’ve made it with regular lentils and green split peas and, while it comes out a crazy color… it tastes just as good.  The texture is much better with the red lentils though.

Roasting up two more pie pumpkins to get some pumpkin puree. Man oh man do I love the color orange.  Autumn is my favorite time of year!  I think the orange colors are what make me love roasting these little buggers so much.

Into the new food processor you go!  I previously had one of those little mini ones which was smoking every time I made almond butter (and wasn’t getting the job done anymore to be honest) but was holding off on a larger food processor as they’re lots of money.  Found this gem for 30 bucks and figured what the heck.  Can I just say how nice it is to turn it on and walk away?  (Previously I had to hold the button down.)

Your own pumpkin puree too watery?  No problemo.  Some coffee filters and a bit of time and that excess water is bye bye bye!

I decided to turn some of the puree into pumpkin butter using Angela’s recipe. Yes, I am super messy in the kitchen.  Seriously.

This post has been approve by Bailey who scuttled around my feet the entire time hoping I’d drop something.  The cat will literally eat anything as long as it falls from the sky…. this includes rocks.

I also made vegan bacon but that is a post for another day!