I am looking at one heck of a busy week.

It’s ok though, I’m partially prepared and ready to take on the challenge!

Sundays have become my unofficial kitchen days.  I’m really enjoying fiddling around in the kitchen.  Last week there was pumpkin butter, almond butter and brownies.  This week’s works were homemade potato soup – a first for me not using bacon – pumpkin gingerbread and brownies again (they seem to be popular).

This week ahead of me:  Two 50 minute runs, a department meeting for two hours after work on Tuesday, a conference to drive 2 hours away to on Thursday, my second Girl’s Night In on Saturday along with an 8  mile run, and a birthday party for my niece on Sunday.

I have a feeling I’m going to hit next Monday feeling as though I’ve run a marathon…. YIKES!

Speaking of running…

Saturday’s four miles were lovely.  I had thought my times would be better but they honestly weren’t bad at all.  I could certainly feel my body wanted a bit of a rest and so I’m glad there were only four miles to run.

I really pushed myself during the last mile and I have to say I’m pretty pleased!  I think I could have pulled off 5.5 mph or better had it been the first mile but I like trying to push myself at the end… good practice!

I’ve begun creating a new playlist for my 15k.  I figure it’ll be awesome if I create a playlist just for that day.  It might take my mind off the running and I’m hoping to fill it full of songs which will inspire me and pump me up.  Plus, if the playlist distracts me or tanks I can always just switch back to one of the two I use all the time right now.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great week!