Saturday morning it rained.

After a quick look at the weather report I knew it would rain Sunday morning as well.  Sucky because I had 8 miles to run this past weekend and I certainly didn’t want to do it on the treadmill.  Of course, the treadmill would be preferable to doing it in the rain.

I wish I could say the rain devastated me, but it didn’t.  I had planned another Girl’s Night In for Saturday night and having the extra time (and energy) seemed a nice little gift from the universe after my hectic week.

And then noon hit.

And the sun started to come out.

And I realized I’d pissed away my morning doing not a whole lot and it seemed if I acted fast I would be able to go for my run.

Well crap.

So I did a scramble to finish everything up and I went for it.

You know the rule I made?  The one where I said wind wouldn’t stop me from running anymore?

Yeah…. about that….

The wind brutalized me.  I faced the kind of wind which pushed me around as if I weighed nothing.  I ran into that wind.

I think my legs worked harder on this run than they’d ever worked before and that made this run…. painful.  It kicked my ass.

My heart rate never got super high, but man I worked hard!  Toward the end I had to take a few walk breaks, I’ll admit it.  I am not, however, upset about this.  When I first felt the wind, I said to myself I didn’t care about my pace so long as I got the thing done…. and trust me, I got it done!

Did you see that calorie burn? 1006

Can I get a hell yeah?

******Only read on if you want to know the brutal truth about an 8 mile run **************

I am one of those unfortunate souls who gets a stomach ache after a run.  Seriously.  Unless I refrain from eating ANYTHING for a period of 3 hours after my longer runs… I stand a huge chance of getting an awful stomach ache which can last the rest of the day.

A 1006 calorie burn meant I really couldn’t wait.  I was beat, I needed food, and I needed to get showered and ready and finish up for my party.  I stretched out, nibbled on a Lara Bar, relaxed and killed as much time as possible before heading to the shower.

In the shower I got light headed and my stomach started in on me.  By the time I got out it was all I could do to stumble into bed, wrap a towel around my wet hair and lay there until I fell asleep. (I had to, I just had to.)  In a word, I felt ROUGH.  In two words I felt, F@#$@ ROUGH.

When I woke, I had an hour until my guests arrived and I was scared to sit up.  My stomach usually doesn’t settle down that quickly and I didn’t relish the idea of getting my blood flowing enough to feel the problems again.

However, through some miracle I sat up and was….fine.  Starving and with wild hair I managed to get everything done with a few minutes to spare before my guests arrived.  How I pulled it off I don’t know but I am thinking the nap might have done the trick.  Or my prayers were answered and the universe took pity on me.

So anyway, the 6 hours after my long runs are usually pretty brutal.  I just don’t want to leave anyone thinking it’s all sunshine and roses!  It hurts!