I’m feeling rather uncreative, thus the title.

Back to running yesterday after what felt like 3 days off but wasn’t really.  I distinctly remember a thought I had Wednesday as I walked from my car and into my chiropractor’s office.  It went something like this:  “Holy crap I hope it isn’t this windy tomorrow when I have to run.”

Now yes, I’m long since saying no to runs outdoors due to a little wind, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think wishfully!

The wind was still out there yesterday.  Very much so.  Like…. yeowch.

I managed to hold steady at 5.1 mph or about 11:52 min/mile.  I ran faster than that for a while in the beginning so that means I must have been running pretty slowly by the end.

These 50 minute runs kick my butt.

It’s just even a different mentality than my longer runs on Saturdays.  Saturday comes around and I set out at my slower pace and I really feel great.  These 50 minute runs just seem brutal.  Maybe it’s because they come at the end of the day or maybe it’s because I really am working that much harder just to go a bit faster.

Who knows?

It feels good to work my butt off though.  Real good.

Saturday is just a four mile run.  Recovery week again… which is good because I think my poor legs could use a bit of a rest.