An interesting thing occurred the other day.

I went to a conference with 5 of my coworkers and we headed out to lunch afterwards.  Two of them picked the place as they wanted somewhere they could look up the weight watchers points on their meals.  This is fine by me.  I spent a lot of time figuring out where I could eat based solely on the availability of calorie counts.  I totally get it.

As the six of us sat down and perused the menus the two started talking about weight watchers points, one started talking about some other point system and tried to figure out how the two compared so he would know what to eat.

The woman I wrote about here started talking about how everyone should order something low fat.  (Some things never change.)

The guy next to me ordered a salad and got in an argument with the weight watchers girls about whose order would have more calories.  And then in the end… those two girls ordered what they wanted anyway and said “screw weight watchers.”

I was pretty amazed at how much kerfuffle went into ordering food.  I couldn’t help but say “Wow, are you guys all on diets?”  And you know something?  They all denied it.  The weight watchers girls said “well it’s a lifestyle change”  (and I agree) and the guy with the points said it’s “just something my wife does”, the woman who toted low fat is always on a diet and the guy next to me didn’t respond.

Throughout it all, I just can’t help but think it should all be easier.  Eating well should be second nature and we shouldn’t have to try so hard to eat well when dining out.  However, for any variety of reasons (and woah are there many) this isn’t the case.  It’s tough.  Six people sitting around a table at a restaurant each with their own method or trick to preventing weight gain and each of us struggling between ordering what we really want to order and what we know we should order.

Me?  I ordered what I wanted, nixed the fries for veggies and ate half.  In the end I was the only one to leave food on my plate despite gargantuan portions and I left with a feeling that, despite all of their hard work and preparation and counting points… none of them really “got it.”

How can any of us really find a normal and healthy balance with food, society, weight, our bodies, nutrition, health and exercise when there are thousands of diet plans, thousands of special diet foods and products, produce which is more expensive than band-for-you processed and refined foods and no clear method of how to teach proper diet and nutrition to the masses?

How are any of us ever really going to get it?

How are we ever going to break the cycle of dieting, weight gain, reliance on frankenfoods and general ignorance of healthy eating?

How are any of us really meant to have a healthy relationship with food when I am beginning to doubt that having a healthy relationship with food is normal? (Or at least a healthy relationship with healthy food.)

Sometimes, it all seems…impossible.