I asked for advice.

I analyzed.

I tried on about a bazillion pairs.

I agonized.

I took forever.

But finally……..


I have never really agonized so much over a shoe purchase in my entire life.  Nor I have I ever really paid attention to how a pair of shoes fit my feet before.  I mean, seriously, I’m a woman… women wear all sorts of impractical shoes for the sake of looking good.  I am in no way used to analyzing how something feels past “do I think I can stand on this for 2 hours at a time?”

I’ve been for a walk in them and I must say they feel awesome.  The heel is all cushy and the toe rolls forward so nicely; there’s plenty of traction and I feel so supported.

I absolutely cannot wait to run in them.

I’m hoping they’ll clear up some of the issues I’m having with my longer distances.  Only time will tell!