So that brings us to Wednesday, which was fairly uneventful… sorta.

By this time I’m incredibly sleep deprived.  So much so that while the massage therapist at my chiropractor’s office was working some nasty, painful knots out of my shoulders, I actually fell asleep.  I have no idea how that was possible.

I spent a lot of time at work writing out lesson plans as Thursday I would be out at a conference.  I’m not one of those teachers who leaves nothing for the sub to do.  Some of them love me for this and some of them just ignore my plans if it seems like too much work.  Luckily I have fantastic students so I usually tell them ahead of time what they’re going to be doing and they usually get it done whether the sub tells them to or not.  (I know, I’m lucky… again, I have fantastic students.)

Thursday found me leaving the house at 5 am to drive 2 hours to my conference.  It’s a pain in the butt to get there and I hate this drive.  I’ve made this drive three years in a row now and trust me, if this conference for AP Biology teachers wasn’t so incredibly helpful, I certainly would throw a celebratory party in honor of not going.  However, it’s always so helpful I cannot fathom not going (especially now when the budget is so bad I don’t know if they can afford to send me next year).

So let’s see… that’s 2 hours of driving there and 2 hours of driving back, plus 8 hours of sitting around.  I got home around 5:30 pm.  I had to run.  I wasn’t sure how it would go.

And in the end, I felt really great during my run.  I wasn’t sure I would.  I did a lot of sitting around Thursday and I’d made up my mind just to take it easy and go at my long run pace if I had to.  I’m pleased with my pace.  Usually I end up below 5 mph by the end of my week day runs and I really kept it very steady Thursday which was totally cool.

Another strange thing?  Running at that time of day.  I set out with my sunglasses on as usual, feeling just a bit chilly as I did my warm up walk.  As I ran the sun started getting lower in the sky and I thought “naw, there’s plenty of time.”

Well, it seems I’d forgotten how fast the sun sets this time of year.  As I ran I eventually had to take off my sunglasses and carry them and I started to get worried about getting caught in the dark.  I was running in the park so I wasn’t exactly afraid of traffic, just being caught so far away from people while a bunch of weirdos kept watching me run…. Creeeeepy.

I finished right before it got darkish.

Felt great.

A pick-me-up I really desperately needed.  It made me feel as though I was ready for this 8 miler (which I will hopefully be running on Sunday).

And now, I’m off to prep for my second Girl’s Night In.  I suddenly have extra time and energy to do all the preparations!