Shrinking Girl (let’s just leave my name out of this for now) is 32 years old and a school teacher in a small town in Illinois.  I’m not an English teacher and so I apologize if my grammar is bad.  I do try so if you see any blaring errors please let me know, I’d love to fix them before anyone else sees!

I began my weight loss journey June 16, 2009 after a number of little things added up to show me I needed to change my habits and my lifestyle before I missed out on too much life OR ended up with a serious medical condition due to my weight.

When I started my journey I’d never followed a regular exercise program before.  Sure, I’d stopped and started a lot over the years but I’d never managed to stick with anything.

I had tried dieting before and had even managed to lose about 20 lbs with the Atkins diet only to gain it back (and then some) when I stopped eating that way.

When I started this journey I knew I needed to educate myself, change my lifestyle, change my habits, and really stick with it.