Chafing, that is… very serious business.

But, before I get to that.  First: the runs.

A fairly average performance on Thursday.  The weekday runs are beginning to wear on me.  I enjoyed them when they were 30 minutes.  When it moved to 40 minutes, I felt the strain.  With Monday’s 50 minute run it started to get to be a bit like “uh, this sucks” which is not how I want to feel about running.  However, I only have 3 more weeks of training and then it’s the week of the big event so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday’s run:

I have to admit to something here:  I didn’t feel as strong on this run as I usually do.  It could have been a number of things.  One, I just added cross training in this past week.  I know I should have been doing it all along but something always came up and so I haven’t.  Adding it in likely put some extra strain on my body this week and tired me out more.

Second, the temperature rose by 11 degrees while I was out.  Whenever I experience that, it just seems like my heart rate gets crazy hectic and I did battle keeping my heart rate in the specified zone for a lot of the run.

My legs may not have felt as strong as I wanted them to but I did manage to pull off some negative splits at the end which is nice.

And finally… the serious business.  I’d been wondering if I would have an experience with chafing or not.  I mean, everyone said when they started running longer than an hour is when they dealt with it.  This week’s long run took me 1 hour and 26 minutes (not including the 5 min walk at start and finish).  When I finished, I initially thought the only place I’d chafed was on my arm from the arm band of my zune.  It was so horribly painful and I ended up wearing the arm band on my forearm (rather haphazardly as I was loathe to stop to fix it).

That, however, was NOT the only place I chafed.  After I stopped running I noticed another discomfort.  When I got home and started tinkering around with stretching and then eating I noticed it also.  However, it wasn’t until I decided to shower that I knew for sure:  my butt crack chafed.

Holy hell does that hurt!

Needless to say, I went out Saturday afternoon to buy some body glide.  It’s time and I don’t intend on going out again without it.  No way.  I’m totally not going through this discomfort again if I can help it!