Well, halfway boldly anyway.

There are so many days when I wish I had attitude.  The magnificent “I am fan-freaking-tastic and you know it” attitude I see so many people wear.  I mean, I may have acquired a bit of swagger when I’m in my comfort zone and I am generally more confident over all, but when it comes to doing something new/different/remotely scary.  Oh no.  I do NOT have swagger or attitude.

Enter the new capris I bought on sale. It’s beyond time for me to find some bottoms which do not bunch, rub or chafe me when I run.  As I increase my mileage, I’m finding out the various reasons people invest in stuff like this.

This does NOT make it any easier for me to wear stuff like this in public.  It’s not as though you can hide anything in these.  There are no pockets in back designed to make your butt look smaller and while the fabric seems amazingly forgiving when it comes to not showing any dimples which shouldn’t be there… I’m still pretty sure wearing these greatly increased the visibility of my “jiggle factor.”

But oh, the running.  The running in them was great.  They breathe.  They don’t bunch.  I’m not constantly pulling them down.  They didn’t rub on me in uncomfortable ways.  In short, they were absolutely fantastic! (Even if I did have to check my reflection in the mirror a zillion times before I left the house.)

The running I’m not as thrilled with.  I can list the excuse of it being windy (very windy, actually) and in all honesty the kind of windy which would have made me forget the run altogether in my less dedicated (read: didn’t have a 15k coming up) days.

My pace has slowed a bit.  I’m not getting the 5.1 or 5.2 averages I was a couple of weeks ago and I feel a bit as though I lost my stride.  Literally.  My stride is different than it was back then (or so it feels) and I’m wondering how this Saturday’s 6 miles is going to go.  It could be just what I need to get back into the groove, or I could find out I’m going to have to get some work to get that old stride back.

This is the first week of me doing the 40 minute runs during the week instead of the 30 minute runs.  My first week of this was home to those two horrible runs where I went about 15 minutes.  It’s a bit sad really because next week I jump up to 50 minutes on Monday, and stick with 40 minutes on Thursday but the following week it’s 50 and 50.

I’ll likely do ok.  I’m keeping my heart rate high during these runs and managing to get it done so another 10 minutes shouldn’t absolutely kill me (heh, that’s what I said about jumping to 40 minutes).  Besides, I see where this is all going and it really makes good sense.  By the time that 15k rolls around, I may actually be decently ready for it.  And wouldn’t that be a shocker?