Yeah, remember when I was all fed up with the running?

Well now (since I haven’t run since Monday morning) it feels like I haven’t run in forever.  This is a good thing really.  I was feeling pretty frustrated.

Something fun about running?  Listening to music!

I was over at Happily Heather After today reading her playlist which she so nicely posted and I realized how much I LOVE reading other people’s playlists.  I have strange music tastes which really don’t lend themselves to running and so what I usually do is find something upbeat, non-annoying, and grab it.

And yeah. that’s all the explanation/excuse I’m going to give you before providing you with my very own playlist.

Oh wait.  One more excuse:  I’ve been too lazy to update this since June.  Yes.  I will run 8 miles in a single go but I’m too lazy to fiddle with my playlist.  That’s how I roll.

I am definitely going to be looking for updates prior to my Nov 6th 15k!  So if you want to send me a list of what you listen to or link me to your own playlist, that would be awesome!

In other running stuffs, I’ve been feeling run-down (hahaha, pun intended) lately and feeling like I just want the Hot Chocolate run to get here already.  So caught up in the hassle of the training and feeling as though I have no time I’d forgotten my moment of inspiration which led me to ask about bumping up.  Thankfully Brandon reminded me of my moment when I thought “hey maybe I could” by posting his own moment of maybe he can.  Read about it here.

And on top of all that… I got even more inspiration with the feel good (well, right up til the end) story of Rita’s first half marathon.

All I can say is thanks guys for motivating me and reminding me of why I’m doing this crazy thing.

Also… May I have my own frog man to catch on the 6th!!!