Those new shoes I bought?  Awesome.

I admit to being worried prior to Monday’s run.  New shoes means a whole new list of things to worry about and possibly the reality of the shoes not being “right” for me.  Seriously, I have never agonized so much over a pair of shoes in my life.  The shoes I got married in caused me a lot less fuss.

In the end though, I think it’s a good deal.  They didn’t cause me any pain and stayed comfortable throughout my 50 minute run.

Can I just say training is an awesome thing?  And that, while gadgets like the Garmin aren’t necessary for running, they can sure help you figure things out?

It seems like such a short period of time since I bought the Garmin and started using it along with the Half Marathon training plan in Marathoning for Mortals.  And yet… I have improved my running drastically in that about of time.

I completed a 50 minute training run Monday night.

In that 50 minutes, I ran what – just a few short weeks ago- would have been my “longest run ever” at 4 miles.  Instead, I ran for 50 minutes and completed 4.25 miles.

I did those 4.25 miles at a faster pace than the 4 miles I ran just a few short weeks ago or even the 6 miles I ran this past Saturday.

It absolutely amazes me.  Really.  I’m just in a state of awe at how far I’ve come with my running.

The run wasn’t without complications though.  My IT bands felt tight after a couple of miles and while they didn’t get as tight as my left one did during my Saturday run, it is distressing nonetheless.  The tightness in my IT bands forced me to slow my pace and even walk once.  It just got to an uncomfortable sensation and I thought to myself “I am not going to push through this, I am going to walk it off.”

As I walked, they relaxed again and I had about 5 minutes left to my run (after roughly 2 minutes of walking) and so I finished it out with a varying pace.

Not the most glorious ending to the run but I am trying to listen to my body.  When I think back to the C25K program that I started and how wonderful I felt after having run for 20 minutes straight and how much I struggled to run those 20 minutes… These 50 minutes feel like a miracle.

My body is truly doing some amazing stuff and it’s absolutely wonderful!