As time ticks down to the Hot Chocolate 15k I find myself thinking about race day.

I’m going to say something pretty obvious here but….  nine miles is a lot.

Yes, I’m pretty nervous and to be honest, I’m not even sure if I’m signed up for the 15k or the 5k.  I wish I knew one way or the other.  If it’s just a 5k, I could likely stop being as nervous.

I’m sitting here right now wondering “why the heck did I sign up and pay money to run so far?  Heh.  Nerves.  They’ll do that to ya.

I went for a nice 4 mile run yesterday.  Want to know the shocker?  I didn’t take my Garmin.


Part of me just wanted to get back to the whole enjoying running thing.  With the Garmin it’s great to know how many calories I’ve burned and yeah, I am always curious about my pace, but…. I don’t know… I just keep looking at the pace/time and trying to figure out if I should push myself harder or not.

Want to know my first thought after finishing those four miles?

“I wish I’d had the Garmin on, I think I did that pretty quickly.”


All jokes aside, I needed that Saturday run to get me into the spirit of this upcoming event.  Next weekend!  It’s less than a week away!


In other news, I went to a roller derby last night.

First response?  OMG.  I have not sat on bleachers since I lost weight.  I’ve always had a bony butt and, well, it’s bonier now and I think it’s actually bruised today.  Can I just say what the heck?

As for the derby itself.  The first half really sucked.  I spent the first half trying to figure everything out.  Things move so quickly and I’m just not a very good visual learner so it took me a while to get it all down.  Once I had it figured out, everything became more interesting.

My ass still hurt though.  I might need one of those donut things.