I’ve calmed down a lot.

Had I written this bit a couple of days ago, it would be… well.. more angry.  Instead the anger has cooled to disappointment.

Allow me to just state the awful bits in sections….

The course: Picture it… you’re running down two lanes of road and it’s crowded because there happen to be 15,000 people running with you.  It’s workable although annoying as those who choose to walk are walking anywhere they feel like it… at times coming to a halt right in front of you sending you careening sideways to avoid them.  Now, imagine this two lane road suddenly turning into a sidewalk… a sidewalk lined with tables full of water/gatorade.

And that, my friends, is when your pace hits 47 minutes/mile.  Yes, really.  I couldn’t move.  I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t get through the people.  I kept thinking it would get better after the water station but the water station marked the start of where the race went from road to the lake front path.  It didn’t get wider again until the final 1/3 mile.

The People: This sorta goes with the above.  Too many people on the course means I was constantly breathing down someone’s neck, weaving in and out of people, dodging people who suddenly stopped in front of me, looking for ways to become UNTRAPPED by slower moving people.

I didn’t run with my Zune and honestly, I didn’t miss it.  I had to focus so hard on where I was going and how the hell I’d get there that I didn’t have the focus to listen to anything else.

The Scenery: They say it was pretty.  All I saw were shoes, butts, and backs.  You know, because if I were to have looked at the scenery, I’d have run someone over.

The lack of concern for safety: This may sound harsh but yes I really do mean it.  We bottlenecked through the water station and onto the path.  The path which was right up against the water which was I don’t even KNOW how much of a drop off….. no railing.  So  not only were we suddenly running in a much smaller area, we were doing so on a path with a drop off on one side and a landscaping wall on the other.  Really?

People were running up on the lawn in an attempt to pass.. only to realize there’d be a sidewalk and they’d have to jump down a 3 foot bit of landscaping wall and jump up on the other side of the sidewalk… or as one woman I watched tried to do… leap over the sidewalk and land on her face on the wall.

Needless to say, not many people were passing on this part of the path.

In General: It just wasn’t fun.  It could have been mostly my attitude as I realize I was disappointed going into it because I couldn’t run the 15k.. but honestly, they need half the people running that course… if that.  I didn’t have fun.  I didn’t come away with a feel-good feeling.  I definitely won’t be back.