I totally don’t do it often but last night I went shopping for myself in the form of retail therapy.

I didn’t want to go home and sit around (still not exercising) and the night just seemed sort of glum and so I decided to go shopping.  I had a few items in mind… a red top I’d tried on at Dress Barn and hadn’t bought, a pair of black pants which remains elusive to this day and possibly a good pair of jeans.

It amazes me how some things never change.  Dress pants still make me look strange; like big thighs and short legs strange.  I mean, sure, my thighs are big but they’re much more proportional than they’ve ever been and I may be short but my legs aren’t short for my height and yet dress pants seem to be able to make me look like a chubby thighed shortie.

Anyway.  I didn’t mean to get all negative there.  I did NOT buy black pants.

I did buy the red top.

I’ve never owned anything like it and I truly hope I get some use out of it.  I just fell in love with it for some unknown reason.

I also bought some jeans… not a pair of basic, plain and boring jeans from Old Navy like I usually do but a pair of nicely detailed jeans.