One of the smaller good stuffs I’ve got in my life right now happens to be a free 3 month trial to xm radio which came with the new car.

Seriously, it’s been fun.  The experience hasn’t been what I had at first thought it would be.  I really had visions of only hearing incredibly cool music no matter which channel I had playing.  It’s really not like that though I can honestly say it’s easier to find music I like.

Some great stuff…

The 60’s channel:  I am not sure how I know so much 60’s music.  It could be the big record player my grandmother used to have and all the records my mom and aunt had left behind which we used to listen to all the time.  Maybe that’s it or maybe I’m just a genius.  Whatever the case, nearly any song that comes on the 60’s station is one I can sing along to and… well, a lot of them are fun stuffs!

BBC Radio1:  Not only do all the people who speak have fantastic accents (bonus!) but they’re actually pretty hilarious also.  Celebrity raspberry in the mornings has you guess which celebrity made the raspberry sound they play.  Last night they played secret Santa with a twist, they had to call up a tv station and purchase the item the person on the phone offered them when they blindly said they wanted an item they saw on the tv but couldn’t remember what it was but it was on at such and such time.  Also fairly hilarious considering the questions they asked those poor poor people they called.  There is also the bonus of them playing both familiar and unfamiliar tunage.  I like unfamiliar tunage.

The 80’s Channel:  Need I say more?  I mean, really?

The Classic Vinyl Channel:  Which seems to play the absolute best classic rock of all time.  Very few songs I don’t know and very few songs I find myself wanting to change the channel on.

Oddly enough I’ve stayed away from the 90’s channel even though the 90’s should be my pinnacle music years in that I both graduated from high school and went to college during that time.  They just don’t appeal.  Strange, eh?

All in all, I’m having a fantastic time with the xm radio and I might even consider keeping it after my free trial runs out…. Shocking, I know.