As promised, I will attempt to stick to the good bits for today’s post.

I’m trying to give myself a bit of time to cool down before I write about the bad.

I have to admit to being eerily calm on race day.  I think it has more to do with suddenly being responsible for 6 fewer miles and knowing I can do 3.1 in my sleep than anything to do with having “nerves of steel.”  The temperature happened to be below freezing,  in fact, just across the lake they were having some snow.  Yikes!

Luckily I’d been planning my race-day attire for ages and I had run in enough cold weather to know my vest, hat, and long-sleeved tee would do me just fine once I got moving.  Before running well… yeah, I froze my butt off.

As I lined up in the corral I couldn’t believe how many people there were or how many of us were squeezing together.  I also couldn’t believe how calm I felt.  Seriously, situations like this usually freak me out and – given the fact of this being my second event ever – I swear I’m just in shock at how calm I felt.

So anyway, the race started and I spent the next seven minutes or so walking to the starting line.  As we hit the start line I hit the start button on my garmin and we were off!

I ran at what felt like a moderate pace.  Ha!  When I looked down to see how slow I’d been going while I waited for the people to thin out so I could really get moving I seriously stared at my garmin in shock.  I was running a bit over a 1o minute mile.

Yeah, you know, that elusive pace I just can’t seem to maintain for long?  I was doing it.

Without getting too far into the bad bits, I’ll just say I ran hard when I could run.  I even had a burst of speed trying to get by some folks which my garmin clocked at a pace of 4:45/mile.  Ha!  Who knew I had it in me?  Adrenaline, my friends, is good stuff!

I finished with an official time of 36:03.  Given my first 5k time of 41:58 I’ll take the improvement!  I’m fairly certain this is one of very few times in my life when I’ll be able to say I shaved that much time off my 5k time…. then again, who knows?

Why is my time 36 when I ran most of it at a pace much faster?  Well, that is a subject for tomorrow.

The goodie bag consisted of a zip up technical jacket.  I’d been worried about this jacket since registration.  Any time it’s exercise-related, they seem to like to make things skin tight which just isn’t flattering on me.  And so, when I removed the jacket from the bag and held it up, my heart sank.  The jacket looked TINY.  As in so tiny I’d likely have to lose another 20 lbs to fit into the damn thing.


Yes, the cat runs the household.


I decided to try it on anyway and then….. it fit.  It totally fit.  It zipped and everything.  It didn’t even look bad on me.

So you know what I did next?  I took it off and made sure it still looked as tiny as it had when I first put it on. And you know something?  It hadn’t magically gotten larger.

Go figure!

So that, my friends, was a pretty cool moment.


Ignore the cat hair.


And here’s a shot of the back.  The cat, naturally, laid on the jacket the moment I laid it on the bed.  We came to a compromise where he would move and I would snap the picture as quickly as possible as he was just gonna lay on it again anyway.

So there you go.  The good.