It’s been quite some time since I’ve taken time to reflect upon my body but I recently encountered an old photograph of myself which make me take a step back and take notice.

The photo hangs in a bit of a montage in my sister’s house.  I don’t know if the photo is newly put in or if I’ve just never really looked all that closely at the pictures in the frame but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular photo before.

It’s front-on but my head is turned to the side: my profile is visible, which I’ve never loved because I always felt as though it showed my worst bits.  My double chin, my lack of a clean jawline… but before I hadn’t included my complexion or skin tone.  My weight was just a bit more than it currently is (recognized only from the shirt I was wearing, which I remember clearly) but my body is completely different now.

I looked flabby and sickly back then and I didn’t even realize it.  I’m slimmer now, my profile isn’t even something I think about anymore and… can I just say my legs are finally (after wishing like, my whole life) something to look at.

And can I just say my coworker once said “I swear, your ass is so tiny now, it’s like two grapefruits up in those jeans!”

Yes, this is what two grapefruits look like and while I don’t think my butt currently looks like this… I’m certainly going to take the compliment.

The point of all this rambling?  My weight now and my weight then may have been similar, but it’s so easy to see I’m healthier now.  My skin looks better.  I have color in my cheeks.  There’s something else too which I just can’t put into words… it’s like I look less like a flabby bloated chubby girl and more like someone who takes care of herself.

And that, my friends, is the subject of a whole ‘nother post.