Mmmhmm.  That’s right. Six miles Saturday, that’s what I did.

It’s more than a little silly how anxious/eager I am to go run those longer distances.  Saturday morning found me up at 5:30 am (actually 4:45 but I made myself stay in bed) and waiting for the sun to rise.

I really wanted to nail those six miles.  I wanted to show them who the boss is and I wanted to show myself I’m going to be capable of that 15k come November 6th.

The sun finally rises, it’s 7 am and I fire up the Garmin to load up the six mile run and……I must have forgotten to turn it off because it gives me a low battery warning.

Well crap.

So I plug it in to charge and figure I’ll give it a good hour to charge and then it’ll be more than ready for my run.  I checked my Zune and it told me I pretty much had a full charge so I didn’t bother plugging it in.

Weather check revealed it to be somewhere around 41 degrees and it “feels like” 35 degrees.  Ouch.

Oh.  And windy.  It was windy.  So windy I was reminded of the days when wind like that would have meant no running.  Not anymore.  No way!

Overall, I felt disappointed as I was running for how slow I was moving.  The wind was brutal though and I would say I fought some aspect of the wind 3/4 of the time with 1/4 of that being head on and oh-so-tough!

And the other thing?  My Zune is a liar.  After 1.25 miles, the thing ran out of batteries.  Incredibly frustrating as I checked it!  I should have just plugged the damn thing in when I plugged in the Garmin but I didn’t want to clutter up the table with all those cords.

I essentially ran for an hour with nothing but the sound of my breath and the wind.  Honestly, the music pumps me up quite a bit so I missed it, but with the wind how it was, I couldn’t have run any faster and kept my heart rate in the targeted zone for my long run.  (Obviously I ignore the heart rate zone on the last mile.)

I felt my left IT band tighten about 3 miles in and I wasn’t sure what to do.  I adjusted my stride and tried to stretch it out a bit but it remained tight and stiffened up in the afternoon after the run.

The main thing I’m feeling now that I’m running farther and longer is that I need some official running shoes.  Yeah.  I’m an idiot and I am not running with “real” shoes.  When I started the C25K program I just used whatever shoes I had lying around.  When I finished it, I bought some newer shoes but not official running shoes.  (My philosophy is not to buy anything until I’m really certain it won’t be something I buy only to never use.)

Well, I never really felt as though I needed to upgrade…. until now.  I can feel it in the distance.  The shoes I have just aren’t adequate.  I’ll be going shopping.

But seriously?  I ran 6 miles!