As a girl, I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to that “unmentionable” time of the month. (Yes guys, this is your cue to ignore this post.)

Even when I first got my period, it never came more than ever 3 months or so.  Sure, it didn’t come with any sort of real regularity, but who would complain about every 3 months?  Not me.  As I gained weight, my period dwindled to 2-3 times per year which became slightly worrying.  I mean, sure it’s great and all but I *can* still have kids, right?  Right?

See, I tried the whole getting pregnant thing for a good six months once.  It didn’t happen.  Whether it just wasn’t meant to be or if I truly wasn’t ovulating, I’ll never really know but I do know one thing:  I’ll never forget reading how being overweight can affect your periods and your ovulation.  It echoed a day when a certain gynecologist of mine had lectured me about my weight, made me feel stupid, and then gave me some birth control pills to “tide me over” until my real ones could come in…. though those pills, he warned, weren’t meant for a girl my size.  They had low amounts of hormones which just wouldn’t work effectively on my mass, see?

I cried after that gynecologist visit and I cried the day I realized my weight could be causing my difficulties in getting pregnant.

Why am I telling you all this?  It’s relevant, I swear.

As I’ve lost the weight, my periods have slowly become more regular.  At first they just went back to every 3 months or so and now… strangely enough, it seems every 3 months isn’t enough.  My new (and fantastic) gynecologist is seriously happy about this.  (I sometimes think it’s a total pain in the ass, I mean, think about it… if you hadn’t gotten your period every stinking month until you were 32… wouldn’t you think it was just the biggest pain?)

Now here’s the real issue.  I have years upon years of buildup which now equals painfully heavy periods.  Painfully heavy.  Ridiculously heavy.  Cramps so bad I want to curl up in a ball and suck my thumb.  (I do curl up in a ball, I do not suck my thumb.)  It’s pretty debilitating at times.  I work in a high school, I can’t abandon my students when I feel like things need tending to.  I can’t pause class and curl up to let the bad cramps pass and I certainly can’t let the pain and hormones show in my personality.

So, by the time I got home tonight… I was exhausted.  I had a headache.  All I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep.  Had I not had those horrible runs last week and a six mile run looking at me this week, I likely would have gone and taken a nap.  Well, ok, let me restate that:  Had I not had the horrible runs last week and a 15k coming up at the beginning of November, I likely would have gone and taken a nap.

I didn’t, though, and I managed to eek out 40 minutes though not at as fast of a pace as I’d have liked (but I’m totally still counting it as a win).

My heart rate was up there so I know I was working hard and I’m loving that calorie burn.  I don’t necessarily feel tons better physically than I did before the run but I do feel a whole lot better mentally.

I also feel a whole lot better knowing (as this period comes a mere 5 weeks after the previous one) that my body is happy with what I’ve been doing.  My IBS is practically non-existent, my allergies are more under control now than ever before, my hormones seem to be regulating…. and my body seems to like it.

All in all, not a bad life.