Though it’s been a pretty busy week, I did manage to do a bit of blog reading… not much, mind you… but a bit.  These three posts stood out in the crowd and I think they’re worth a look if you haven’t already!

  1. First off, a guest post over at No Meat Athlete.  Susan talks about Ironman Wisconsin… just before actually doing Ironman Wisconsin.  I love the honesty in this post and the bit where she lets you in on seeing the other blue wrist bands.  I love anything which can make me feel like part of a community and so naturally I loved this post.
  2. Joe the Runner with his 52 Weight Loss Tips – I loved this list because it not only reminded me of things I’d forgotten I used to do… it also reminded me a LOT about mindset.  Also picked up a thing or two!
  3. A lovely post over at Freaking Fitness on How Getting Fit is Like Getting Married – I just love the simplicity of that vision and how it puts it right out there for ya.  Quite nice.