It might have been the coffee, the cool weather, the massage I had this past week or heck, even the alignment of the moon….

But, I had a fantastic four mile run yesterday.  Four miles.  This is farther than I’ve ever gone before.  Four miles.

It even felt easy… easier than it should have.

I’d originally programmed a workout into my Garmin but when I got to the park, it had mysteriously disappeared and I’m not sure what’s up with that.  After 30 seconds of trying to program one in using only the watch bit (you can totally do this if you have the patience of a saint) I decided I could watch the 5 minute warm-up time myself, monitor my heart rate myself and press the lap button on the thingy myself.

See how self-sufficient I am?

So lap 1 is my 5 minute warm up (note my slow walking pace, this is proof I am just a slow person by nature).

After I ran my first mile and as I realized I should be hitting my lap button, I realized I’d forgotten to take note of the distance when I’d started running and so I guesstimated where I’d started and so Lap 2 is just short of a mile.  In my opinion, that’s damn good for guessing.

I tried for negative splits.  You can see miles 2 and 3 are the same time so that sucks, but otherwise…woohoo!

Now here is the really cool bit.  I made sure to keep my heart rate in the same range as I ran last week’s 3 miler… but this time I wound up much faster… and you all know how much I love to be speedy!

I just can’t get over how easy it was to run 4 miles.  Right now I’m totally in love with my Garmin and the Marathoning for Mortals training plan because otherwise I’d have been killing myself to run those four miles.

Instead it was an incredibly enjoyable experience and I feel like a million bucks.