Ok so it’s not actually a party; it’s a gathering.

Don’t I sound incredibly grown up when I say I don’t party?  No?  Ok, it was worth a shot.

Anyhoo, I’m planning a gathering; a girl’s night in if you will.  It’s going to be fantastic.  Some girlfriends, some food, maybe a little wine (mmhmm, I just might have a glass, shocking as that is) and some great conversation make for a great night.

Sounds fun, yes?

Welcome to me being a crazed lunatic.  See, I never do things like this.  I never have people over to my house.  I never invite people to do anything.  I don’t talk on the phone… you could say I’m a bit of a recluse.  I just get focused on my own thing and I tend to forget the rest of the world until it’s time for bed or something.

Anyway… since I’ve sent out the evite, I’ve been completely psychotic.  I check the evite pretty near every half hour.  Why?  Beats me, I have opted in to the option where it lets me know via email if anyone RSVP’s.  I think I’m checking to see who has looked at theirs and then freaking out when they haven’t responded yet.

You know, like a sane person would totally do.

So, aside from my evite insanity and weird highschoolesque fear that no one wants to come to my party… I’ve begun to think about food.

You know, one of the main things girls like to do when they get together and gab is eat.  Everyone is bringing a little something so I’m not responsible for all the food, but I am responsible for something fairly substantial….. and I’m at a complete loss.

Back in the day I could throw down a party food favorite with the best of them.  Something naughty.  Something fattening.  Something laden with both grease AND bacon and possibly even something a little sweet along with some salt to make it that to-die-for dish.  (I might possibly be off a bit on the ingredients there.)

The problem?  I sorta want to figure out how to entertain AND stay with healthy, vegetarian dishes.  I have a lot of stuff I eat which just doesn’t really scream “gathering of girls approved.”

So now?  Now I’m scared they won’t want to come to my party and even if they do?  I’m scared they won’t like my food.

Completely ridiculous?  Yes.

Doesn’t mean I’m not out for a great recipe I can use which is healthy, vegetarian and yet will still get the job done.

Anyone out there got that?