Amidst oodles of fanfare (read: squeals of delight and me punching the shipping box to get it open – in my defense, the tape was being a pain) my Garmin Forerunner 305 came on FRIDAY.


There’s actually a camelbak in there too, it’s not that big of a box for just the Garmin, I swear.

The bags of air!!

Yes.  I was excited enough to take a photo of the air bags.  Yes indeed.

BEHOLD!  The Garmin!

My excitement was short lived as I found out I was supposed to charge the damn thing for 3 hours before turning it on.  Talk about a buzz kill.

So… I’ve been reading that Marathoning for Mortals book and I’ve decided to follow the plan for running a half marathon.  It’ll be a great way to get my mileage up and it’s a plan I think I can do.  And…who knows… maybe my 5K in November will be like a walk in the park.  Maybe I’ll blow my old time out of the water.  Maybe!!

Here’s the deal:  I have no idea what my maximum heart rate is.  Half the point of buying a Garmin was to be able to do my runs at a specific percentage range of my maximum heart rate.  The old calculation of 220 minus my age is bogus, too… at least for me.  I went out on Saturday for a 3 mile run which the book said to run at 60% – 75% of my maximum.  I calculated it out and programmed it into my Garmin which screamed at me the entire time because I was above my target heart rate even though the amount of effort I was putting into the run was minimal.  It was so easy.  Seriously easy.

My plan is to take the heart rate I had during that run at set that as my 60%.

Today’s run was 30 minutes at 65% – 75% of my maximum.


I sorta kicked ass.  I mean…. I was really worried I wasn’t improving on speed at all but my average pace was right at 12 m/m which is totally fine by me… especially when I see I was running at 10 m/m for about half a mile!  I mean, seriously… I never had any idea I was running that fast.  Ever.  The only time I’ve run at that speed was on the treadmill and I hated the entire duration.

So yeah, I’ve got a nice smile on my face.  I know exactly when I was at 10 m/m because it kicked my butt but… whatever.

Don't make fun of my hairy arms.

So there you have  it… my current training plan, my new Garmin, my joy at my running pace… all in one little blog post.

Happy Labor Day!