Soooo again with just two links this week.  Crazy schedule just doesn’t allow me time to browse the blogs at my leisure anymore!  However, I really liked both of these posts and they deserve lots of love!

  1. Just Running with So why Fat Girls CAN Run? – This was really powerful for me and I read it shortly after writing my Dear Former Self post and so it spoke to that emotional place I was coming from.  I’m so tired of telling myself I can’t that I may likely never say it again.
  2. Fooducate with Four Graphic Examples of Portion Distortion – The thing is, I’d love to see portion size go down in the real world OR serving size on labels go up.  I’m always frustrated with the sometimes ridiculous portion sizes on labels, more than once I’ve grabbed something thinking it was one serving per container (always in a hurry) and then finding out it was two.  (Ok, so of the few foods I eat that come in a container form anymore there’s really only one culprit here…ice cream… )