Oh the joys of working in a high school.

Seriously.  The kids are great and I have a lot of fun teaching… but sometimes… sometimes it can be annoying.

For one, you’re always in the public eye.  I say it’s like being a pseudo-celebrity.  Everyone is watching.  Everyone is judging.  Only, I don’t have the wardrobe, money, or coolness factor which actually comes from being famous.

Oh, and people aren’t going out of their way to get my photograph (unless the yearbook staff counts).

So anyway.  Yesterday, being Friday and a Friday before a 3 day weekend (these long weekends have magical powers, yo) everyone was in high spirits.  I walked around the cafeteria during lunch to talk with students I had last year and to make some connections with students I currently have.  This isn’t something I do often… just in the beginning of the year when I still have a small amount of time which isn’t taken up by grading papers or modifying lessons.

I’m smiling.  I’m laughing.  I’m having a great time.  I really do love those teenagers…. and then… BLAM!

I heard she got liposuction.

Mmmhmm.  You read that right.

That’s what I hear.

That’s what I hear directly behind me.

That’s what I hear directly behind me ABOUT me.

My first response?  Absolute laughter.  I mean, lipo may work some miracles and stuff but what, did they think they hooked a suction tube up to my big toe and took a bit out of ….. everywhere?  And…. did they not see me gradually shrinking last year?  Really?  (This is actually a nice rumor compared with the one which said I was pregnant back when I gained weight.)

My second response?  HOT DAMN I must look goooooooood.  I mean.  People are noticing and talking about it and stuff.  I must look fiiiiiiiiine.

My third response?  What the %$&#!!  I worked hard for this dammit.  This didn’t happen surgically.  I worked my ass off, literally.  I’m still working my ass off.  I’ve been working my ass off for over a year now.  Now step back and respect my work!

And then I came here and told you guys all about it.

I mean… that kind of a rumor is just something you share.

I’m over the whole annoyed thing.  They’re kids and honestly, it’s a fairly nice rumor.  I even sort of like the idea of a little suction tube which could evenly suck fat out of my whole body and not just one area.

Liposuction:  Occurs gradually apparently.