Sooooo….. it turns out I need to be working on my running in a variety of ways.

I say that like it’s a surprise.  I’ve known this.  I read about it ages ago on the Cool Running forums.  I just sorta kept shrugging it off.

However… I’m slowly coming to terms with the idea of properly training.  Sloooooowly coming to terms.

Seriously.  What is it with me and structured plans *I* don’t create?  I’m acting as though I am the resident expert on the subject of running instead of the idiot newbie.

So, we’re going to give a moment of thanks to none other than Marathoning for Mortals.  (See?  I told you you’d see this book again.)

I’m not sure why the book is finally getting me to consider doing something I’ve previously been resisting.  It could be the approachable format or the general “anyone can do it” attitude which makes me more receptive.

Whereas tempo runs previously seemed like something the super serious runners did, now they seem like something every runner should do.


Which leads me to my next bit of news.  I’ve bought a Garmin Forerunner.

I’m incredibly excited about it and I’ve wanted one for a while but figured it was too expensive to just splurge on.

However, I got a check today for my extra duty pay.  Extra duty pay which more than covers a Garmin Forerunner.

Soooo as soon as that comes I’ll be able to know what pace I’m running at and what my heart rate is and I have to admit, knowing a calorie burn is sounding pretty awesome too.