Sooo, school keeps me pretty busy and while I prefer working out in the mornings, the afternoon is working out ok.  I guess.

There’s just something to be said about waking up and working out and then going about your day with that fantastic feeling to start you off.  My mornings are a bit emptier now but there’s just really no way to wake up early enough to do it all before work AND keep my sanity.  I mean, I could get up earlier than 5 am but I don’t want to.  I could also not go in to work an hour early but it’s something which keeps me sane.  So yeah… the afternoon it is.

I’ve taken to jumping on the treadmill when it’s too hot.  I figure it won’t stay this hot for very long and it keeps me from having to wait until 7 or 8 pm to get my run in.  NO thanks!

Last week I started gradually adding a fourth day to my running and then ended up overdoing it.   See, I planned to go out for a one mile run on Sunday and I did.  And then I agreed to do the C25K with a beginning runner.

No big deal, right?

Except this means I ran extra on Sunday, then ran again on Sunday and then added the other two days of Week 1 of C25K in there also.

How do I know it was all a bit too much to add in all at once?

My left hip rotated on me.  It did that when I first started running.  I fixed it by buying better shoes and slowing my pace down a bit.  It hasn’t bothered me in AGES.  When my hip rotates, it makes standing in one place pretty painful.  Moving around is ok for a bit but that becomes painful also.  Not good for teaching.

An adjustment from the chiropractor and I’m back in business.  I didn’t run yesterday to give it an extra day of recovery.  I also promised not to be a dummy.

Doing the C25K with someone as out of shape as I was when I started is a bit fun.  I mean, it’s really cool to be running next to someone who is struggling with those 60 second intervals when you’re feeling fine.  It made me feel incredibly strong.  Very empowering.   Very cool.  It’s one of those glimpses you get when you see how far you’ve come and you’re like “wow, I’ve done a LOT and I didn’t realize it.”

I’m also able to give all sorts of encouragement I wish I’d had when I was doing the program so that’s also neat.  I mention how slow I was.  How much I used to sweat.  How the fear I felt at the beginning of each week was nearly paralyzing.  And sure enough, my stories of horror lightened the mood and made them feel more comfortable.  And that’s a pretty cool thing too.