I read an article on a link between insulin resistance (type II diabetes) and Alzheimer’s Disease (you can find it here).

After being mildly depressed as Alzheimer’s runs in my family and, like my grandmother always was, I’m scared of developing the disease.. After that passing depression I had a thought which occurred to me:  Why are we just now figuring this stuff out?  Why didn’t we know all these correlations between a poor diet and other diseases (aside from heart disease) before?

And then it sort of hit me:  People in general have never really eaten this poorly before.  We’ve never really had the option to eat this poorly before.

We live in the age of processed, prepackaged and convenient.  There are people I know who won’t drink water out of tap.  Ever.  Doesn’t matter what tap it is.  They feel water out of a tap is “dirty.”  Somewhere out there some marketing genius is laughing all the way to the bank.  But honestly, this is the age we’re living in.  These things haven’t been around for ages.

So it’s only now that we’re beginning to correlate all sorts of horrible things with a horrible diet.  Insulin resistance?  For most of us it’s completely avoidable.  Eat well.  Eat good healthy foods in reasonable amounts and you really won’t have to worry about it.

The kicker here is I was once worried about it.

When I had all my medical problems with my abdominal pain and kept going to the gynecologist to try to figure it out.  Somewhere before the exploratory surgery and the internal ultrasound the words insulin resistance were mentioned regarding my weight.

It wasn’t even the first time.

And so yeah, I’m kicking myself a bit for being so stupid.  Sure, I never actually got told I was insulin resistant but I’m sure I was heading down that path… and apparently that path can lead to me being 6 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

If I weren’t already on my path to bettering my health… this would have been the kick in the butt to get me started.

Reading this article, for me, was like finding a link between my biggest fear and who I used to be.

Do I feel relieved?  Not yet.  Do I feel sad I was on such a path and increasing my chances of my number one fear?  Absolutely.  Do I wonder if some damage is already done?  Sure.

Nothing to do here but wait and remain vigilant in my new lifestyle.  Today I’ve just gotten one more reason to keep going.