From moment one the day hasn’t been the best.

You know you can trip over a cat just getting out of bed?  Yes.  Yes you can.

You know you can then stub your toe on the way to the kitchen (a fairly clear path might I add) to make coffee?  Yes.  Yes you can.

You know you can then fire up the shower and wander out of the bathroom to get undressed only to come back to a huge river of water running across your bathroom floor from an improperly closed shower curtain?  Yep.  You can do that too.

So yeah, the day hasn’t been the best from moment one.  I’m feeling my stress levels climb through the roof and while I know I’ve got an arm work out scheduled for tonight, I’m going to skip it.

I just need some down time.  Some time when I’m not thinking about the next chore on my list or the next item I need to accomplish.

Tonight I’m going to make some comfort food, eat reasonable amounts of it, and sit back and do whatever it is I feel like doing.

I’m not going to feel guilty about this either.  Knowing when to take an extra break is one of those things which has kept me going on this journey.  Knowing when the extra break becomes extra breaks and I need to kick my ass back into gear has also been helpful.

Tonight I’m taking a breather.  I’m going to relax and enjoy the fact that it’s Tuesday.  It looks like rain and I’m anticipating watching a good thunderstorm and curling up with a new book:  Marathoning for Mortals.

Now somebody bring me some chocolate before I scream.