A friend of mine had a graduation party Saturday.  After a couple years of hard work she’s gotten her Master’s Degree.  I’ve found parties are now a time where I think about my eating a lot, make choices I don’t usually make during a regular week (you know, like cake and chips) but I also find myself making choices I wouldn’t have made before…..

Such as passing up most of the food I’m not dying to have.

I mean, seriously.  You walk into a room full of food and there are things you are definitely wanting a bite of…….

….you know, like cake and cupcakes.

And then there are the things you can pass up….

I’ve never understood the allure of macaroni salad.

And yes, the chips?  The chips I nearly passed up until I saw they were sour cream and onion and then I got a hankering… which went away fairly quickly as I ate a few.  At any rate, I pass up a lot of stuff now I likely would have just thrown on my plate before.  My original meal was a sandwich and a bit of some potato thing.  There were a variety of dips there which didn’t look too appealing so I passed them up rather than trying them.  Sadly the veggie tray had been mostly picked over before I got there so I didn’t grab any of that either.  I went back later for the cake and chips.

I guess if I were comparing my eats to before I did remarkably well.  I’d have stood in the kitchen munching all night (food was the meaning of the word party).  Instead I enjoyed lots of great conversation, a bit of naughty food and today I’m eager to get back to the usual routine.

After the party fizzled (around 7:30 pm, it had been primarily a family thing) I did something I’ve actually never done before.  (Small town girl alert!)  I went into Chicago at night just to look at the city all lit up.  I ended up in Grant Park and then, naturally, hanging around Buckingham Fountain.  Soooo pretty!

Certainly the type of environment which made me wish for a better camera!

I hung out there for quite a while.

And even I have to admit, nothing quite beats the beauty of Chicago all lit up at night.

Truly fantastic, even if I did have to tinker with all of these photos to make them look fairly decent.  Seriously, wanting a better camera now (you know, for the two times a year I venture somewhere interesting).

Unfortunately, as I wasn’t anticipating doing a bunch of walking, the trip back to the car proved…. painful.  The walk to the park wasn’t half bad.  The walk back is when the blisters finally appeared.  My poor feet!  By the time I saw the car again I wanted to hug it.  I mean, there are some snow boots in the trunk for those winter drives on days when the roads are bad and I might possibly get stranded but I never thought I’d consider putting them on to tromp through Chicago in August!  Had there been anything else I’d wanted to do Saturday night, I totally would have been sporting hot, sweaty snow boots… and you know… acting like I’m totally not doing anything strange.

All in all I had a magnificent time, cake and all!

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