So, it turns out going back to work is bad for the exercise but great for the ego.  Mmmhmm?  Yes.

Well wait.  The trip back to work initially began as ego busting.  I mean, have you SEEN how tiny teenager girls are?  Sometimes I forget and then I hear them talk about size 00, 0, 1, 3… oh you get the drift.

So, for about two seconds going back to work was a reminder I’m not a tiny girl.  And then something insane happened.  Students came running up to me, telling me how great I look.  Students came at me screaming words like “skinny” and “omigoshyoulooksogood”  (I’m sure that’s meant to be a whole sentence but you really couldn’t tell with all the shrieking.

Some students were more coy about the whole complimenting thing, stopping by after school to say “wow, you look so thin.”

From down the hall a student says to another “Wow, she’s looking really skinny.”

My boss gives me the most hilarious compliment ever when he says “Rhonda, I mean this in a totally non-sexual harassment sort of way but you’re loosing weight, aren’t you?”  “Why yes…. yes I am!”  “Well ya look good.”  And then he gives me a slap on the back.  Can ya tell he used to coach?

But anyway… all of these compliments have gone to my head a little bit.

Ok.  Fine.

They’ve gone to my head a lot.  I’ve been walking around with all sorts of swagger lately.  And while surfing the net I found something incredibly fitting for such swagger….


So yeah, perhaps I’ve been a bit full of myself.  Some might even say I deserve it.  Others might just be rolling my eyes at my attempts at swagger.  (It’s hard work you know.)

At any rate, it’s back to reality for me.  Sure I’ve got a huge self confidence boost and it’s pretty great to have so many people compliment me in such a short amount of time.  However, I’ve still got miles to go.  Miles to run.  Missions to accomplish.  New goals to set.

This being the first week back I’ve been tired.  The heat outside has been kicking my butt when it comes to running. I’ve been going to bed at a ridiculously early hour.  All this stuff will go away in time and I’ll be back to “normal.”

My run tonight occurred on the treadmill due to rain.  It’s actually not as bad as I remember it being.  It enabled me to mess with my speed a bit and I made myself run faster in the middle for half a mile and then for the last half mile (out of 3) I progressively went faster and faster which ended up being quite fun.

Good times, people.  Good times.

Hmmm.. maybe I’ll keep just a tiny bit of the swagger?  You know, to remember this by?