So yeah, this whole 4:30 pm running stuff isn’t working so well.

I’m sure it would if it weren’t so blazing hot.  Or, say, if I were used to the sun blazing down upon me. However, I am not used to these things.

Then again, I could just be making excuses.

After about a mile I had the strange pain again.  Same spot.  Lower intensity, but still definitely there.  I slowed up a bit and then it would fade and then come back and then fade and then come back.  I finally stopped to walk for about a minute or two and it went away.  It didn’t come back when I went back to running.

At the point where I have to decide if I’m doing 2 or 3 miles (I take a different road in the subdivision) I was fairly undecided.  On one hand I’d finally seemed to successfully start running again after a walking break (usually one walk break means another one is in short order) but on the other hand I felt as though I wasn’t cooling off very well.

I get worried when I get too hot.  I’m not used to running in this sort of heat.  I decided to end it at 2 miles and some change.

When I got home, I cracked open some coconut water and sat down and had some refreshing sips…. and after a few minutes I had the strangest thought.

I thought to myself “Self, I feel pretty good now that I’m not so hot I’m cooking my innards.  I wish I could go out and do that final mile.”

At which point my amazingly smart side responded:  “You doofus, go downstairs, you have a treadmill.”

So I did.

Two miles outside and one on the treadmill.  It’s sort of a fail and a win at the same time.  I managed to get all 3 miles in but had a lot of breaks and I’m not going to pretend the final mile on the treadmill was easy.

After a minute I thought “hrmmm am I sure I want to do a WHOLE mile?”

After two minutes I started thinking a half mile would do.

After two minutes and ten seconds I started thinking about other stuff.

After five minutes I really wanted to quit but I had to ask myself who I wanted to be.  If this is the person I want to be then this is what that person does.

And so, when the little counter on the treadmill rolled over to 1.0 miles, I smiled because I did it.

Now my only problem is figuring out when the heck I run.