Well folks, it’s time for me to put on my sad face and tell you some news.

I won’t be participating in a duathlon this year.

My back injury from February has made any bike ride over 7-10 miles rather unpleasant.  Actually.  Rather painful.

When I first noticed the problem, I scaled back my training to build up mileage on the bike a bit more slowly thinking perhaps I just went too quickly.  I mean, the bike and I are old friends and jumping in seemed to be the thing to do.

Unfortunately, after scaling back the bike and building up mileage very slowly, I’m still having the same issue.  It starts in at about mile 4, it’s painful by mile 7 and by mile 10 I’m heading for home ASAP.

I talked to my chiropractor and he suggested moving the handle bars.  I did that.  I move them again.  I moved them yet again.

No improvement.

Soooo, I talked it over with my sister and she reminded me to listen to my body.  And, after trying one more handle bar adjustment yesterday I’m sad to say my back just isn’t well enough to handle running AND biking… and while running alone hasn’t made my back hurt in months, I suspect there’s only so much an injured spot can take before it’s fully recovered.

So yeah.  Not this year.  Possibly next year.

I’ve cried a bit because I REALLY wanted this.  Like, really really really wanted this and having worked at it for this long already… well, I’m pretty disappointed.  I also feel as though I’ve let my sister down and that hurts quite a bit too.