I had a great run yesterday.  Another 3.5 miles and I have every intention of making it to the 4 mile mark before too long.  That.  Would.  Be.  Awesome.

Along with the greatness of the run there was… strange weather.  I mean really strange weather.  The sort which made me wish I had a camera on me.  I nearly turned back to get my camera but… you know, I live at the top of a hill…. (Which, had I run up that hill at the end of my run yesterday the run would have been 3.6 miles.)

Anyway, as I set out and started to jog after my warm up walk I saw through the houses and into the distance…. a rainbow.  Yes.  A rainbow.  It hadn’t rained.  It wasn’t raining.  There was a rainbow.  (This should give you an indication of the humidity around here right now, ok?)

Seriously, how many times in your life are you going to run in the presence of a rainbow?  I lived it up until it disappeared after about 10 minutes.  Once the rainbow disappeared, so did the wind which had been keeping me cool despite the humidity.  Rainbow disappeared.  Wind stopped.  Sun out.  Me: coated with sweat and suddenly watching the sky roll in some crazy looking clouds.

What’s a better motivator for running than a rainbow?

The threat of impending thunderstorm!

As the clouds came rolling in I found it within myself to run faster… and then those clouds passed right over me and nothing happened.

And.  (Are you ready for this?)

Another rainbow appeared.

Totally awesome.  I finished up my run, walking the last .10 mile because with all the fast running my legs wanted to know if I was joking (they don’t know I’m the boss, see).

I did snap a photo of the sky immediately after I got inside.  Rainbows were gone but you can see some of the crazy clouds which came in AFTER the clouds I found more frightening.

See?  It even looks like a freaky day.

All in all, and I’m being incredibly honest here… I am looking forward to after the duathlon when I can focus just on running.  The running and biking is nice and interesting, but I’m really falling in love with the running and I sorta crave a time when it’s just me and the running.

Wednesdays have become my favorite days because they’re my “long run” days when I only run.

I know, doesn’t sound like the same girl who only “loved that she’s running” does it?

Anyone out there ever ran in some crazy weather?