In the past 24 hours, two separate people have made reference to me being (are you ready for this?) intimidating.

The first time I just sorta shrugged it off.  I’m pretty sure the guy was hitting on me and as such I determined nothing he said could be taken at face value.

And then the second occurred.  And it was a statement made by a coworker/friend.  And I thought to myself…. maybe it could be true.

I’m certainly not something I would call intimidating.  I’m still technically overweight and I really don’t think I’m “in shape” though now that I’m sitting down and trying to figure out why… the reason eludes me.  I mean, who would be intimidated by me?  I don’t have a low body fat percentage, I’ve still got belly (and really?  I think I always will), I might run 3 miles but I do it so slowly and sometimes even in such a struggling manner I don’t really count it as something I “do.”

In short.  Maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit.  I mean, there aren’t just two types of people in the world: the ultra fit and the unfit.  There are all sorts of levels of fit.  I need to adjust my perspective of the world.

I don’t need to have 20% body fat and in the “healthy weight” range on the doctor’s chart to be a person someone would find intimidating on a fitness level.  Plenty of people out there cannot do what I do, what I push myself to do, and plenty more don’t even try what I may fail to do.  I don’t need to look like Jillian Michaels to inspire or even intimidate.

I’m quite certain I may never look like Jillian, but I may well run a marathon one day.  And that, my friends, is intimidating.  I don’t know about you but when I meet someone who has run a marathon I go “holy crap that’s impressive.”  And then I feel like a slacker.

So yeah, once again I find I need to shift my perspective and enjoy what I’ve got going on here.

I’m running 3 or more miles at a time, even if it’s slow.

I’m signing up for crazy stuff like a duathlon.

I’ve changed my way of eating.

I’ve lost 56 lbs.

I’m intimidating. (Or so I’m told.)

And, for the record… I’ve also inspired people to start their own journey.