Those of you who have been reading for a while may recall me mentioning a walker who giggled as I struggled to pass her while “running.”  I believe I had yet to finish the C25K program, or perhaps I had just finished it when the incident occurred.  All I know is I heard her giggle when I passed her didn’t exactly surge ahead.

That moment has haunted me ever since.  I still get nervous when I approach walking people.  I still feel that fear.  I usually speed up and then worry about slowing back down (what if they catch up??).  I bet I can blame some of my speed obsession on this woman.

I saw her and recognized her for the first time in a long time today.  I’d just finished my run (a glorious run at that, which I desperately needed) and was walking towards my bike when she stopped me.  It took me all of two seconds to place who she was and she had already started to talk by then…

“Wow, you look incredible.  I saw you last year when you first started running and I’ve seen you around town since but I just had to say you’ve done so well!  What’s your secret?”

Now see.  I wanted to say “Oh you know, to keep on going even when bitches laugh at me.”  But I’m too nice.  Instead I left her with this gem….

“I guess slow and steady will get you there.”

Which isn’t anywhere nearly as bitchy as I wanted to be but I do take pride in not having let this woman make me quit running.  It nearly did.  I had such a phobia of working out in public and then what happens?  This woman laughs at me.  Worst. Fear. Come. True.  But I kept at it.  I overcame it.  I conquered it.

Hey lady?  Go laugh at someone else.