Another crappy Monday run.

I managed it just fine, I did my obligatory distance – but no more.  It was even one of those runs where I started struggling within the first quarter mile.  Nothing felt right.

The biking afterwards wasn’t even great and this after I skipped my long ride this past weekend.  (Saturday morning I had guests and Sunday morning was foggy – bummer).  My only consolation is there is still 6 weeks before the duathlon and I have progressed in the past month to the point where I feel I could complete the thing without it absolutely killing me.  I think so anyway.  I’m not saying I’d gracefully glide over the finish line with a smile of victory on my face or anything but I’m pretty sure I’d make it there.

In trying to determine why Monday workouts are so hard on me I’ve looked at what I’m eating and drinking on weekends and to be honest… I don’t see much change in the eating.  I might possibly drink less water.  I know I was dehydrated when I woke up this morning and maybe that’s all it is…  I need to make sure I hydrate Sunday night.

Anyone else have any ideas?