Yesterday I got a strange urge to try on my work clothes.

Traditionally, after a summer spent lounging around in comfy clothing I would find my work clothes didn’t fit as well and would despair at having gained weight yet again.  Last summer happened to be the first time in a very long time I didn’t gain weight and actually lost.  This summer I have been weighing myself about once a week or once every week and a half.  I haven’t lost a ton of weight, 3-4 lbs but I’m not trying to lose weight anymore either.

So, I knew my clothes would fit.  But I wanted to try them on anyway, in case I’d lost inches.

Imagine my surprise when a shirt I bought at the end of last year fit me differently!  it had always been just a tad too tight for my comfort.  Sure it looked fine but if my posture faltered or something I’d have been showing off my flabby midsection in a most unflattering way.

When I put this shirt on yesterday, it looked too big.

I immediately (and I mean like, literally 2 minutes later) got in my car and drove to Curves to get weighed and measured (and then, cancel my membership – haha).  My last weigh-in at Curves had been in January and I knew I hadn’t lost much weight since then so I hadn’t bothered to get weighed in since then.

At last weigh-in, I was 3.5 inches away from losing 36 inches from my body since I started.  Yesterday, I hit that mark.  I’ve lost 3 feet from my body. It’s an amazing feeling and more than a bit surreal.  That is a lot of inches.  I have come so far from the overweight girl who first walked into Curves trying not to cry because of how out of shape I was and how helpless I felt to do anything about it.

I’d take a photo of the weight printout but, after trying to look yesterday at what my measurements had been, I realized I’m crap at taking photos of that paper.  I’ll just list the stuff off to you.

Inches Lost

  • Bust – 5.25 inches
  • Waist – 6.50 inches
  • Abdomen – 5.50 inches
  • Hips – 7.0 inches
  • Thighs – 5.0 inches from each (HOLY COW)
  • Arms – 1.0 inch from each (Not sure this is accurate, they look soooo much smaller but then again I guess an inch off the arms is a lot)

My thighs.  I mean, I know how different my legs are now, and they look different than they ever have before.. but it still dumbfounds me that I’ve managed to lose 5 inches off each thigh.  It seems like such a huge number.

So there you have it.  It’s still a bit surreal.