Well, I ended my recovery week today.  I should have known from the way the windows were all fogged up this morning that the run wouldn’t be too pleasant.  When I got in the car to drive to the park (it looked like rain, I didn’t want to venture too far from actual shelter) it was already 77F at 6:30.  I can’t even begin to describe the humidity.

Now normally this sort of weather would mean sweat in my eyes.  Not just a bit of sweat, mind you, the sort where eventually I get so tired of trying to wipe it away I’d actually lift my shirt showing my stomach to wipe the sweat off.  That’s in public folks.  I may have shrunk but I still have an ugly belly.

Anyway, upon the advice of comments last week I checked out LuLumons’s headbands and something called the Bondi band.  I ended up purchasing two bondi bands, one in bisque and one in raspberry.  (So help me I have no idea why I suddenly love pink, I’m all about the pink these days and the small part of me which is still annoyed by pinky pink hates myself right now.)

Ok.  This is a bondi band.  You’re looking at the back of it.  The narrow portion there goes in the back of your head and the broad portion in the front.  The fabic has that black backing to it but it’s the bisque from the front.

Now, I have an issue with head apparel.  I look like a dork in, well, nearly everything.  So the first thing I did when I got my bondi bands?  I ran into the bathroom and tried to figure out how to wear them.  After about 20 minutes I went to the website and looked up instructions and got this gem:

People often ask,“I love my Bondi Band, but how do I wear it?”

The answer is, there is no proper way to wear a Bondi Band. Some people wear them rolled, others fold them in half, but most wear them wide open. Try different styles for yourself and see what you like the best.

Oh thanks.  Helpful.  So I looked through the photo gallery and saw… well, just about everyone wearing them any way they wanted.  I tried several ways and I still looked…. well, terrible.  I desperately wanted to both pull my hair back AND wear the bondi band and it just seems as though that’s not int he cards for me.  I look really strange when I do that, especially with the bisque band because then it looks like I’m wearing a bald cap.  (NOTE:  Anyone wanting to buy one of these, you might want to stay away from bisque for this reason.)

So… this morning I geared up, put on my bondiband, and snapped a photo for everyone.

I figured I could live with this look while running.  It’s not a fashion show, right?

See, the thing is… I have this naturally wavy hair.  It doesn’t do well in humidity.  So…… after about a mile and a quarter I ended up pulling my hair back anyway as it genuinely felt as though a clown would offer me money for my wig.  Seriously.  My hair was completely frizzed out and stuck  to itself.  Birds were circling, wanting the nest.

So… when I got home, I looked like this…

I know, right?

All I can say is this.  I love my bondi band.  I don’t care how ugly I look in the thing.  NO SWEAT IN THE EYES.  I had absolutely no sweat in my eyes today and trust me folks, there was plenty of sweat to go around.  Every time I looked down, I would drip sweat onto the path. (Which was kinda cool and made me feel pretty hard core so yeah, I did that a lot.)  My shirt ended up soaked through in both the back and the front.  My arms were slick with the stuff.  My eyes?  Not a drop.

Bondi band?  I love you.  Not only do you stay in place on my head which usually sends other head bands flying off the back… but when you say you wick sweat… you wick sweat.