After two fantastic runs this week I’m rather unfortunately calling recovery week a bit earlier than intended.  I’m not hurt or anything, just rained out.  As the idea of running on the treadmill and then using the recumbent bike seemed about as appealing as running in a thunderstorm outside, I just decided to skip yesterday’s workout.  Today’s is also rained out and so I’m merely saying recovery week started Thursday.

I miss it already.  I sorta think that’s cool.

So yes, Rita…. are you reading this?  I’m having a recovery week.  Take note! (And maybe hold me to it if I start to think I’m going to end my recovery week a tad bit early.  Thank you)

In other news I’ve begun golf lessons.  I don’t know how it all got started.  Some of it is me copying my sister again and some of it is this golf outing I somehow got signed up for in August. (Oh crap Shelly, that reminds me.  I have to find that date for you as a date I cannot go on that ride.)  Anyway, I have zero experience with golf.  The only time I’ve held a golf club in my hands before was to shove stuck laundry down the laundry chute back when I was 8.

I’m totally clueless.

I’ve had two lessons thus far and I have to admit I’m doing better than I thought I would.  I guess the benefit of knowing nothing is you’ve got no bad habits to get rid of and you listen REALLY well to ensure you don’t injure someone, injure yourself, or (the most likely option) look like an idiot.  While I’m fairly sure I look like an idiot most of the time I have managed to hit the ball far more often than not.

I also giggle every time I have to use the driver.  I’m sorry but the club is so ridiculously over sized compared to the other ones that I just feel ridiculous trying to use it.

There are certainly times when the guy giving me lessons says something, and I know the meaning of all the words he’s using – just not when he uses them in the way that he did… and I look at him with what I can only imagine is a completely blank look.  It’s good practice for me, being in a position where I know absolutely nothing about a subject, it reminds me how my students feel sometimes and makes me forgive them for the occasional blank stare they give me.

Thankfully the guy seems patient as can be and a decent teacher…otherwise I’m not sure I’d have made it through two lessons.  I’ve paid for 3 more lessons, a 5 lesson series and I don’t know what will become of me after that.  I’m enjoying myself but it’s not like I’ve actually played a game of golf…. yet.

I’m realllllllllly hoping I’ll be good at this.  I’ve not been good at anything remotely resembling a sport ever.