Another brilliant run today.  Seriously brilliant.

Today’s scheduled program is 3 miles of running and I decided to do extra and wound up at 3.4something.  It felt fantastic, it felt great and I sprinted up the hill towards my house to finish.  Yes, sprinted.  I huffed and puffed afterwards but I totally worked it up the hill.

Again, I wish I had something to keep track of my time on these runs as it would be nice to know how I’m actually doing…. buuuuut… perhaps I’m better off not knowing… yes?

A couple of things I noticed during this run:  I’m not so out of breath.  I don’t think I’m running slower than usual (I actually think I’m running a bit faster) but I don’t seem to be as out of breath which means I can work the hills a bit and actually recover afterwards…. which is nice.   And the other thing I noticed?  When I’m not so focused on my breathing, I love running.  It feels nice.  It feels good.

Oh wait, one last thing: I have a sweat problem. I keep getting sweat in my eyes when there is no breeze to make the sweat evaporates before it starts to run.  Any advice on this other than “lift my chin”?

And then there is the other thing which happened today.  The thing I’ve been worried about since I started running outside.

I fell.  It’s garbage day in the subdivision and these people had a bunch of carpet and stuff out with their garbage and to get around it I had to move pretty far out into the road.  As I approached the corner of the street (the one where I’d take the bike path down the busy road and then go home – literally I have about a half mile left), a car came around the corner, barely stopping at the stop sign and I quickly swerved around the garbage and back to the side of a road and into a pothole.


I wobbled.  I wobbled a lot.  I went down onto my palms and realized I was about to land directly on my knee so I twisted around to land on my back.

Yes, I ended up laying on my back on the side of the road.

After pausing a moment to check for blood (none!) and pain (a little) I got up and went to wave at the guy in the car to let him know I wasn’t deathly injured.  He hadn’t even stopped. All I could think was “really”?  What a jerk.  You watch someone fall down like that and you just assume they’re gonna be ok?  Seriously?

Though the fall seemed to happen in slow motion, I think I’d stopped moving maybe all of five seconds when I started running again.  Totally felt hard core as I finished my run despite having fallen into a pothole.  I suppose having been bloodied up and still running would have made me OFFICIALLY hard core, but… meh.

All in all I survived one of my biggest fears (falling on a run) relatively unscathed.  A few scratches on my hands, a twisted back (chiro took care of that already) and a big eye roll to the guy in the car who didn’t stop…. but not too bad.