Upper body strength training… is there anything I enjoy less?  Yes.  Are there about a million things I enjoy more?  Also yes.

There is a small part of me which feels relieved that at least this huge piece of equipment sitting in the basement is finally getting some use.

That, my friends is a monster machine called a Bio Force.  I bought it for my husband ages ago (like 2 or 3 years ago) after he got all excited about it after watching an infomercial.  I don’t think he’s done more than one workout on it.  Prior to these most recent arm/upper body workouts, I’ve done several.  It came with a book showing various exercises, the locations of the movable pulleys, the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and a schedule of workouts… all quite nice.

I remember when we first got it, I decided to do it… really do it.  So, I pulled out the book and did workout number one.  There were single leg squats in this workout. I recall very clearly not being able to sit down without collapsing (you know, from my leg muscles giving out halfway into the sit) for about a week.  Needless to say I didn’t go back.  I had tried it again from time to time but strength training just isn’t my idea of fun.

Anyway, consider me happy the stupid thing is finally getting some use.  The other purpose it’s serving is enabling me to not have to think about what exactly I want to do to my arms/chest/back.  I’m just going through those weekly workouts and cutting out anything dealing with my legs, hips or butt.  Last Thursday was my first and I must admit I did have sore arms/shoulders after the workout but nothing extreme.  It’s a nice feeling, yes, I will admit.

Today’s focused a lot on the deltoids.  Can I just say what an upper body wimp I am?  At one point, the 5 lbs (lowest weight available) was enough to make the exercise uncomfortable and my posture not great and so I had to step away from the machine and mimic the exercise using my 3 lb free weights.  Seriously.  I am such a wimp.

All I can say for myself is… hey, at least I’m doing something about it now.

So yeah, I’m incredibly happy to be using this machine.  (Prior to this, the most frequent user would have been one of my cats, Moe.  He sits in the seat while I muck about with the laundry.  It’s like his throne.  After I’m done with the laundry he stands up expectantly and meows at me… because he wants me to carry him up the stairs.  And I do.. because I’ve created a monster and I think he’s cute.)  I felt pretty embarrassed for anyone to go into the basement before and see the monstrosity because, well, it was pretty obvious neither my husband or I were using it.

“Hey!  Look what an infomercial suckered us into buying!  Too bad it doesn’t make you lose weight just by owning it!”  *sigh*

Anyone else out there have a collection of equipment they never used to use or still don’t use? I’m not the only one, right?