This morning I had the best Monday run I can ever remember having.

Mondays, typically, are days when I perform my worst.  It seems every Monday morning I head out, struggle through the first two miles of my run and wimp out somewhere on the third mile (back in 5k training).  There were days when I didn’t even make two miles on Monday but would finish 3 miles on Wednesday (through some miracle).

Today, I felt strong.  I really wish I had a watch or something to keep track of how much time I’m taking to run because I’m pretty sure I went faster than usual today.  I also felt superb at the end of my run, went into the bike portion of today’s workout with gusto and generally I feel fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong – my muscles are tired and I didn’t do any more than I had planned on doing…. but I really felt strong today.  It’s definitely a cool feeling and one I could get used to.

Some of the thoughts I had during my run today centered around what’s going to happen AFTER my duathlon in September.  School will be in session so I’ll be back at work (bummer).  I imagine I’ll be relieved to cut back on the length of my workouts a bit due to time constraints, but other than that….. are you ready for this???….. other than that, I think I’ll miss this crazy must-train attitude I’ve had all summer long.  There’s been such an evolution in my exercise habits and mentality and I’m really beginning to enjoy it.

Lucky for me, I can look forward to next season.  Maybe after a winter of focusing more on strength training, perhaps one last 5k on Thanksgiving Day (who can resist a 5k called the Turkey Trot – seriously) maybe I’ll emerge for another round of 5k runs, perhaps another duathlon, and who knows…. maybe even some other crazy adventure I throw into the mix like a 10k.  And while there is a serious urge for me to “get really good at the 5k runs” before moving on to the 10k, I honestly think striving for that 10k is HOW I’ll get really good at those 5ks.

I’m not looking to become a seriously competitive person by any means, I’m just looking to become a person who, most of the time, feels as strong as I did this morning.