Behold:  My first salad out of my new book of salads!

I don’t know if words can properly express how yummy this was.  It’s called something like Warm Fingerling Potato Salad… I’ve nicknamed it Sinfully Good Salad.

It has homemade croutons (yes), warm potatoes and bacon on a bed of field greens all topped with a homemade garlic vinaigrette (thank you spell check, I’ll have to learn to spell that word for real one day).  I’ll admit I had my doubts about the vinaigrette, it contained mustard of which I am not a fan – but then I tasted it and OMG…. soooo yummy.  The only other dubious part of this recipe was the making of the croutons.  The recipe called for 8 oz of baguette in 3 Tbs of olive oil.  I couldn’t.  I absolutely couldn’t do it.  I left a bit of oil in the pan and thought about toasting them next time.  I also added some of the Garlic and White Wine seasoning to the croutons (thank you Melting Pot!) and they turned out oh-so-yummy!

I gobbled this down.  When I say gobble, I mean I couldn’t get it in my mouth fast enough.  Seriously.

As the title of the post says, I’m almost certain this is one of the less-healthy salads in the book (um… bacon… um…and I used real bacon too), but it was super super yummy!

Yesterday was the first day I rode my bike immediately after running.  I can say this is definitely the order I prefer to do these two activities in.  I cannot imagine how hard it is to run after riding a bike – yikes!  I was able to crank out about 8 easy miles before having to head home to get ready for my allergist appointment.

This morning was my “big ride” for the week.  I’ve been falling a bit short of my mileage goals for the bike which doesn’t surprise me seeing as my legs are working more right now than ever before in my life and I haven’t wanted to try to do too much too quickly.  Last week I could feel my legs weren’t up to anything much by Saturday and so I haven’t actually gone out in the country to ride my bike.  I’ve stuck to riding around my subdivision, around the bike path, or to the next town (which is like 2.5 miles away) and back.  It’s been pretty boring and while there are a few smaller hills, there isn’t anything which is too big of a challenge.

Today I set out to conquer some hills – some serious hills.  Venture too far out of town around here and there are some colossal hills to contend with – and not just one, one after another after another.  My goal for today was to complete 12-15 miles but to make them hilly miles.  I did 14.5 miles and took a loop I knew to be ridiculously hilly.  It took me an hour and twenty minutes but I’m not sure of my actual average speed because I spent a good 5-10 minutes messing with my saddle bag (apparently my ass is so big it weighs my bike seat down enough so it drags on the tire and makes an awful noise).  I had to move it to 3 locations before I found one which would work for right now.  I’ve got a fix in mind for mounting it to the seat but it’s not like I had the necessary items to do that out on the road.   I also did stop a few times to take drinks and cry a little on the inside about how my glutes were on FIRE.  (I mean, I like this feeling, don’t get me wrong.. it’s just that it’s also disconcerting to be biking down the road thinking “my ass is burning!”)

I will admit to being moving at ridiculously slow speeds at the top of some of these monster hills but – I didn’t walk up any.  I did get up to some really cool speeds going DOWN those hills which was pretty cool.  All in all I feel really good about my ride today and I figure if I train on hills like these – those “rolling hills” in the actual event will be child’s play.  Yes?  (Someone better say yes.  I am NOT going to be surprised by hills again!)