I woke up this morning and noticed one of my cats, Moe, trying to bury my purse which I had left on the floor (which is highly unusual) last night.  Immediately I think “now why would my purse smell so badly Moe would want to bury it?”  And then I freeze right in my tracks.  One of my other cats (I only have 3, lay off) Tommy has litterbox issues.  Meaning:  It has to be very clean or Tommy finds elsewhere to go.  And I hadn’t cleaned the litterbox in a couple of days (ok ok, so I forgot and it’s a week).  I walk over, pick up  my purse, peer inside and UGH!  Yes, my cat peed in my purse.

On one hand, it’s a genius method for figuring out what of the crap you keep in your purse that you actually need.  (Read: What are you willing to fish out of the nasty cat pee and wash off?)

On a side note, I have officially washed money now…. by hand, not in a jeans pocket.

Aside from being a bad pet owner and cleaning out  my purse, this morning has been ripe with other things also.  First up?  Curves.  I haven’t been to Curves in nearly two weeks now.  Unless I want to do two workouts a day and put my legs under even more stress, there just isn’t time in my week for Curves.  I miss it just a little.  I mean, socializing is nice but I never really socialized during my workouts, I just listened.  Also, it’s nice not having to think about your work out… you can just zone out, do the circuit and before you know it… you’re done!  However, I don’t have time for that crap right now.  I’ve somehow become super serious about this Duathlon in September and I must train my little heart out for that.

My decision on Curves?  I’m going to talk to the owner (you remember Ms. Size Zero?) and tell her that if I can quit for a few months and come back in the winter without having to sign another one year contract when I do come back, then I’ll come back.  If not… it was nice knowing ya Curves.

Next decision:  My training schedule for the duathlon.  My sister has sent me her schedule and I think I”m going to do what she’s doing.  The main reason being that, by Saturday of last week, my legs were dying.  I think I need another rest day in the week.

Her schedule is progressive, meaning she’s adding time to her runs and her biking each week but the starting schedule is as follows:

Monday: 24 minute run/ 10  mile bike

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 46 minute run

Thursday: off

Friday: 24 minute run/ 10 mile bike

Saturday or Sunday: 2o mile bike

It makes sense to me AND gives me some days off.  Now, on Tuesday and Thursday I’m highly likely to walk 2-3 miles and do an arm/chest/back workout but that means I’ll still be taking one day a week completely off exercise…. AND AND AND I will no longer be neglecting my upper body.

Sounds good, yes?