Yesterday was my birthday.  I celebrated by going out to dinner with my sister Shelly and a couple of friends.  I’d wanted to try something a bit different and so we went to The Melting Pot. It’s a fondue restaurant and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but honestly… the food was fantastic.

We started out with the spinach and artichoke cheese fondue… YUM.  I haven’t consumed so much cheese in ages, really.  Following that we all had California salads which, I cannot for the life of me remember the ingredients in it.  Everyone seemed to love this salad and I thought it nice, but I didn’t go nuts over it.  I don’t recall what meat entree they split but we also got the vegetarian one for me… and it was really really nice.  To end the meal we did get the chocolate fondue.  Our poison of choice – the flaming turtle.  So good.  I mean it.  Bliss heaven.  Pure bliss.

I am completely unaware of how many calories I consumed.  I do know I drank only water and I still feel as though I’m hungover this morning.  Heh.

My sister also got me some fantastic gifts!

A saddle bag for my bike.  Now I can stop wearing the little backpack when I go biking which really makes my back super hot and nasty sweaty.  Thanks!

One of the salad books I had on my wish list!  I am so super excited about this.  I literally got home around midnight last night which is… honestly, waaaaaay past my bedtime and I couldn’t resist thumbing through it to see all the salad recipes.  I’m so excited and I”m seriously considering doing salads for dinner for a month.  Whee!!

And some coconut water to try!  As we’re both training for the duathlon in September, she thought I might like this as opposed to gatorade or the like (which I loathe, really) to replace electrolytes.   I totally can’t wait to try it.  She also mentioned they’re great for hangovers.

She also gave me a huge cupcake.  Which sadly, I ate for breakfast (don’t judge me) before I got a picture of it.  I’ll just let you imagine the white cakey goodness!

After dinner Shelly, Rachel and I happened to stop by Dress Barn to shop for clothes.  It has been years (I think I was 18) since the last time I can remember going clothes shopping with friends.  I’d forgotten why girls shop together.  Coming out of the dressing room to show everyone what you’ve put on, getting instant feedback on if it’s good or not… it was such a great time.  I guess I’ve missed that seeing as I only bought clothes when absolutely necessary and only in the plus sized stores where none of my other friends had to shop.  Insane how much I’ve been missing and didn’t even know it!

And the last gift my sister got me… she purchased at Dress Barn.  All three of us had checked out and then she and I literally saw these sunglasses at the same time.

She got a pair with different colors, but we now own matching sunglasses.  They fit so nicely we’re going to wear them to our next 5k… (You’ll have to pardon my appearance, I have just woken up…. )  I can’t wait.

Obviously I had a fantastic day of excess but it’s back to normal now!