My legs are the enemy at times.  This is one of those times.  I have RLS (restless leg syndrome) and at times (like right freaking now) trying to sleep is utterly useless.  In a way I feel…lied to… for lack of a better description.  When I weighed 50+ pounds more and moved 100x less than I do now, looking at the potential things which could make RLS flare up made me feel insanely guilty.  You know, things such as being sedentary, obese, and smoking (yes I used to smoke).  I always felt as though, like my IBS problems, my RLS issues could be alleviated if I moved more, lost some weight, and lived a bit healthier.

BIG SURPRISE:  My RLS is just as bad (if not worse) than before.  In fact, on my most active days I usually have my worst nights.  Guess I felt all that guilt for nothing, eh?  Turns out my own brand of RLS is just plain bad genetics.  And, while I know there are medications available to help, I’m holding out.  This is looking like a problem which will be around for the rest of my life and to start medicating now… well… I hate popping pills, let’s just leave it at that.

In other news…. I ran 2 miles on Monday (ah running, you are an evil mental game sometimes), biked 6 miles on Tuesday, ran 3 miles on Wednesday, biked 9.75 miles on Thursday, ran 3 miles on Friday and I’ve a 10-15 mile ride planned for tomorrow.

I’m feeling pretty accomplished to be honest.  All week I’ve been thinking about squeezing in an arm work out but it hasn’t happened yet.  I will eventually though as the increasing jiggly-ness of my arms is increasingly becoming annoying….. mayyyyyybe next week.  For the moment I’m happy at how my legs have held up.  Friday’s run was rough in that my legs felt tired much of the run but in the end it was the air which became the problem and my legs were able to keep on trucking.  The recovery week (coming up after 2 more full weeks of work outs Rita) might just be something I look forward to.  I’ve never worked my legs so hard and I cannot imagine what they’ll be like after another two weeks.  Right now I’m hoping the day off on Sunday will be rest enough for them to feel renewed on Monday to start the slow decline all over again.

I guess we shall see.  As for right now, I’m off for a little 1 am walk… in the basement, on the treadmill.  (Oh legs how I love and curse thee!)