With my first 5k under my belt, it’s time to take a look ahead and see what’s in store for the upcoming months.

First: My sister and I want to do another 5k in August.  Perhaps one on a bit more even terrain.

Second: The duathlon in September is also looming out there on the horizon of thought.

Rest assured, I may not have put much thought into the duathlon prior to this past Saturday but it’s pretty much all I’m thinking about right now.  Training for this is a tricky thing… and also utterly confusing.  I’ve looked at a few plans but most duathlons aren’t set up the way this one is.  It’s a 5k run followed by a 21 mile bike ride.  There isn’t another run session, nor do I feel I’d be ready for such a duathlon by Sept.  The plans I’ve found all assume the individual signing up for the duathlon isn’t an idiot and has given themself quite a bit of time to train.  I am, however, an idiot and have not given myself nearly as much time as any plan tells me to put forth.   I am not assuming this will be easy, but I do realize the importance of having a goal as well as getting myself out there, out of my comfort zone and in the public eye – to push myself forward.

That being said I have found it necessary to find a plan.

The Plan

  • Become used to working my legs (hard) 5-6 days a week.  Up until this point I’ve run 3 days a week and taken it easy on my legs the other days.  Now I’ll be running one day, biking the next.
  • Slowly increase my bike mileage.  I”m starting low for a couple of reasons.  The first is I’ll need to re-introduce my butt to my bike.  Acquiring what I call bike butt is not a step to be skipped.  The second reason is to let my legs become used to that near daily work over a period of time.
  • I’ve made a promise to myself to start taking a recovery week, so I’ll do 3 weeks of the above and then take a recovery week.
  • After the recovery week I’ll start to stack my biking and running on top of each other a couple days a week and also try to increase my running distance on the day I run without biking.

It’s not currently the best laid plan but this is my initial train of thought.  If I feel great after 2 weeks of my initial phase, I may move on.

I will keep my recovery weeks.

I will keep my recovery weeks.

I will keep my recovery weeks.

I will keep my recovery weeks.

I have such issues taking a break or going easy on myself as I feel as though I’ll go backwards… but I KNOW I need to start having these or I’ll fail to improve.  We can’t have that.

Anyway, this is my current plan.  Anyone out there have any reason I should deviate?